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    Risk Profiler

    How 'risk friendly' are you? Find out here

    Your tolerance to risk is probably the most important factor to consider before investing your hard earned money. The risk profile questionnaire assesses your overall tolerance to take on risk which is influenced by various factors such as your personal needs and goals, your current financial situation, the structure of your current investments, investment time horizon and your level of familiarity with investment issues. This forms the basis for your investment strategy to achieve your investment goals by matching your tolerance to risk and willingness to endure fluctuations in your portfolio value.

    Please take a couple of minutes to answer these questions in order to determine your risk profile. You can then elect to invest in pre-packaged portfolios of mutual funds that are professionally managed by leading asset managers.

    1)  How old are you?
    • Above 60 years
    • 51 to 60 years
    • 41 to 50 years
    • 31 to 40 years
    • Upto 30 years

    2)  What is your Investment time frame or how long do you expect this money will remain invested?
    • Less than 1 year
    • 1 to 3 years
    • 3 to 5 years
    • 5 to 10 years
    • More than 10 years

    3)  What is your expectation regarding your income over next few years
    • Income will decrease
    • Income will increase but at lesser rate than inflation
    • Income will keep pace with inflation
    • Income will increase somewhat ahead of inflation
    • Income will far outstrip inflation

    4)  What is your savings as a percentage of your annual earnings?
    • Under 10%
    • 10% to 25%
    • 26% to 40%
    • 40% to 50%
    • Above 50%

    5)  How would you describe your knowledge of Investments as?
    • Nil
    • Limited
    • Fair
    • Good
    • Extensive

    6)  Currently your main objective for this investment account is to
    • Avoid losing capital
    • Keep up with inflation
    • Achieve returns marginally above the rate of inflation
    • Achieve returns well above the rate of inflation
    • Achieve returns significantly higher than the rate of inflation

    7)  Are you willing to accept more risk to possibly achieve higher returns?
    • Strongly Disagree
    • Disagree
    • No Strong Opinion
    • Agree
    • Strongly Agree

    8)  Are you willing to experience the ups and downs of the market for the potential of greater returns over the long      term.
    • Strongly Disagree
    • Disagree
    • No Strong Opinion
    • Agree
    • Strongly Agree

    9)  If your portfolio decreases in value over a one year period,consistent with other investments of its kind in a year      when markets are performing poorly overall,what will you decide to do?
    • Immediately sell the investments that are losing money
    • Be very concerned and if the investments didn't pick up quickly I would transfer my money to other types of      investments
    • Observe market shifts and be patient before making a long term decision
    • Have a long term investment outlook and not get concerned about short term market fluctuations
    • See this as a short term market fluctuation and an opportunity to buy at a lower price

    10)  Which of the following investment returns would be most acceptable to you if you were to invest an initial       amount of Rs. 1,00,000
    • A guaranted amount of Rs. 1,06,000
    • Any amount between Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,10,000
    • Any amount between Rs. 90,000 to 1,15,000
    • Any amount between Rs. 85,000 to 1,20,000
    • Any amount between Rs. 80,000 to 1,25,000

    11)  How frequently do you review the performance of your investments?
    • Rarely
    • Yearly
    • Quarterly
    • Monthly
    • Frequently