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Ready-To-Go Portfolios

An easy way of creating your own portfolio with least amount of time and effort involved.
Crafted by our dedicated research team using the top rated funds.

    What is a Ready-To-Go Portfolio?
  • A special bundle of Mutual funds you can buy in a single transaction. The basis of portfolio construction is asset allocation which gives a greater balance between risk and returns. It is designed for those who wish to leave the choice of underlying funds to our experts.

  • Why choose a Ready-To-Go Portfolio?
  • Easy & Simple - Invest in combination of funds in one transaction

    Diversification across asset classes and fund managers

    Invest according to your risk appetite

    Saves you time and effort in creating your own mutual funds portfolio

    Combines our research team's investment strategy and risk management expertise with the expertise of the top rated fund managers

    Unbiased fund selection based on quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the funds and asset management companies.

    We revise and rebalance Ready-to-Go Folios periodically and we send you email alerts each time. You can choose to act on these updates or not.