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    Debt Mutual Funds

    Mutual Funds are not all about equity!

    Lesser know category of mutual funds - Debt Funds ( also known as Fixed Income Mutual Funds) offers several advantages over traditional fixed income instruments ( Like FDs, Post Office Deposits) besides adding balance and stability to your portfolio.

    What are Debt Mutual Funds?

    Debt mutual funds are the funds that invest in a mix of debt instruments or fixed income securities which include government securities, corporate bonds, treasury bills, Certificate of Deposits (CDs), Commercial Papers (CPs), bonds and money market instruments.

    These are called debt instruments because the issuers have borrowed money from the lender (investors) by issuing these instruments. These "debts", are income generating instruments. This income could be monthly, semi-annually, annually or at maturity. However, most of the debt instruments are unavailable directly to the retail investors. But, they can invest in those debt instruments indirectly through Debt Mutual Funds.

    The returns of a debt mutual fund comprises of :

    • Interest income
    • Capital appreciation / depreciation in the value of the instruments due to changes in market dynamics.

    Why invest in a Debt Mutual Fund?

    • More tax efficient than fixed deposits and other fixed income instruments
    • Deferred tax advantage ‐ pay tax only when you withdraw
    • Flexibility to withdraw full amount or partially as and when required
    • Opportunity to benefit from underlying interest rate scenario
    • Investments are not affected by equity market volatility
    • Variety of debt funds available to suit different investment horizons

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