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Child's Education

As a caring parent you would always want your child to get the very best education. Harvard, IIM's or other institutions of repute - many options will emerge as your child grows up. But will your decision be based on merit or money? You would not like to compromise your child's bright career, regardless of the rising cost of education. Unless you plan your finances carefully, you may not be able to provide the required economic support to your child when you need it the most. A professional degree education that would cost you Rs 4-5 lacs today in books, fees, boarding and lodging could easily cost you 10-15 lacs in the next 10-15 years. Check our Child's Education financial calculator which helps you to define the amount that you would need for your child's education and how much you need to save to reach the same.

A small sum invested by you regularly can help you build a decent corpus over a period of time and go a long way in providing your child a secured financial future.